Brett Block Paving

At ALS Landscaping, we pride ourselves on our happy customers – and sometimes we can please two households in one go! In this case, we installed two new driveways in Lincolnshire for next door neighbours using Invicta Paving in Onyx and Brett Alpha Silver Haze Block Paving.

What was the project?

This project was a joint venture between two neighbours. They both wanted their driveways updating - with two different styles and different budgets.

The first driveway and front garden looked dated after our client installed a new composite front door. The adjoining drive next door also needed modernising – it had been badly laid with sunken manhole covers.

We completed the driveways at the same time to minimise disruption for both clients and enabling the projects to be more cost effective for both clients.

What was the result?

We set about removing the old badly fitted artificial grass and the badly installed old driveway.

Once this was complete, we dug out to British Standards 300mm deep. We then installed and compacted the hardcore subbase to correct levels and falls as well as installing retaining edges, curbs and drainage.

We installed new Brett Invicta onyx and pearl, with the main drive laid at 45 degrees to add interest. Not only that, but we added new wider paths and a raised planter with a feature front doorstep.

We also installed a new front lawn in 38mm Sienna Artificial Grass.

This finished off the front drive and garden adding a touch of class - and making it one of the best on the street. We can honestly say that we changed this from a basic garden to a premium high-end driveway and garden!

The drive next door was prepared and laid the same way at the same time. We incorporated the same features apart from the colours and the style of the blocks. For this driveway, we used an Alpha silver haze block with Onyx as a feature border.

We laid this drive at 45 degrees too, with a feature step and path, as well as a new lawn laid with Arena Turf.

Both of these driveways comply to regulations for drainage. And, as ALS Landscaping is a Brett Premier Installer, our work is registered and comes with a 5 year installation and 10 year product guarantee.

If you like the look of our work, contact us today! We've been designing and installing new driveways in Lincolnshire for many years, and we can't wait to help you.

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