The Ultimate Guide to Landscaping Costs in the UK in 2024

The Ultimate Guide to Landscaping Costs in the UK in 2024

April 24, 2024

Landscaping can transform your property, boosting not just its appeal but also its value. Understanding the potential costs involved in 2024 is key to planning your project effectively.

From basic maintenance to full-scale redesigns, we’ve compiled a comprehensive breakdown of what you can expect to spend on landscaping in the UK this year.

Initial Consultation and Design

The journey to a beautifully landscaped garden begins with a planning and design phase where the landscaping expert like ALS Landscaping, Lincoln, will help you turn your vision into a workable design, before any shovels hit the soil. During this stage, you’ll work with a professional to map out the specifics of your project.

Initial Consultation: Usually free to £150, depending on the company and other variables.

Design Fees: Range from £500 to £3,000+ for detailed plans, depending on garden size and complexity, and whether you want to include a 3D Landscape Design service.

Basic Landscaping Services

For those looking to spruce up their garden without structural changes, basic services are usually the most affordable option. This can include lawn care, planting, and minor aesthetic upgrades.

Lawn Installation:

Expect to pay between £10 to £25 per square metre for new turf, a price that includes both purchase and installation (location dependent). Alternatively you could have a look at the ‘fake’ stuff, if you’re not a fan of mowing. You’d be looking to pay anywhere from £24 per square metre.


Costs can vary widely depending on the source and type. Typically you can pay anywhere from £2 to £10 per plant for common varieties like perennials, over £100+ for larger, more exotic types.


Essential for soil health and moisture retention, mulching costs about £50 to £150 per square metre, including materials and labour (again this is very much location dependent).

Hard Landscaping

Hard landscaping involves structural changes that alter the layout and functionality of outdoor spaces. This includes paths, patios, walls, and more.



Useful for paths and patios, costs vary widely by material, from affordable concrete at £70 per square metre to premium natural stone or porcelain at around £240 per square metre.


Wood decking starts around £80 per square metre, with composite materials on the higher end at £250 per square metre.


You’ll be looking at anywhere between £50 to £150 per linear metre, for fencing, depending on material, height, boards and posts.

Special Features

Adding special features like water elements, lighting, and bespoke structures can significantly enhance your garden, but can come with a hefty price tag.

Water Features – Starting from around £200 for simple installations to £5,000+ for large, intricate designs. If you’ve got the budget, we’ll supply & fit!

Garden Lighting – This is as long as it’s broad, depending on the type, wired or solar (and of course the size of the project). From £100 for basic setups to £5000+ for comprehensive systems.

Custom Builds (e.g., Gazebos, Sheds) – From £500 to £10,000+, depending on complexity and materials.

Garden Size and Complexity

The size and complexity of your garden play a significant role in determining the overall cost of landscaping. Larger gardens with complex features like slopes or unusual layouts will require more time, labour, and materials. That’s why it’s always best to get a quote.

Small Garden (up to 100 square metres) – Budget between £5,000 to £15,000.

Medium Garden (100 to 200 square metres) – Budget between £15,000 to £25,000.

Large Garden (200+ square metres) – Budget £25,000+, potentially much more for extensive redesigns.

Ongoing Maintenance

Let’s not forget that once the project is complete, if you want your garden to continue looking its best, you’re going to have to maintain it, so we always recommend factoring in ongoing maintenance fees at the outset.

Regular Garden Maintenance

If you’re going to DIY the maintenance then you won’t be paying yourself, but if you’d prefer to get someone in, you’ll be looking at anywhere between £30 to £100 per hour, depending on the level of service required.


Landscaping your garden in the UK can be a substantial investment, but it’s one that can dramatically improve your living space and increase the value of your property.

By understanding the costs associated with each aspect of landscaping, you can better plan your budget and make informed decisions that align with your financial and aesthetic goals.

Remember, the cheapest option isn’t always the best; investing in quality materials and professional services will pay off in the long run with a beautiful, durable garden that you can enjoy for years to come.

When planning your landscaping project, consider getting multiple quotes and exploring different material options to find the best balance between cost and quality.


How do I choose between natural turf and artificial grass for my garden?

Choosing between natural turf and artificial grass depends on your lifestyle and garden usage. Natural turf is perfect for those who enjoy gardening and don’t mind regular maintenance like mowing and watering. It offers a natural look and feels and can be more cost-effective initially. On the other hand, artificial grass is ideal if you prefer low maintenance and year-round green appearance. It’s more expensive upfront but can save on long-term upkeep costs. Consider how much time you want to spend on maintenance, your budget, and personal preferences when making your choice.

What factors should I consider when planning to install garden lighting?

When planning garden lighting, consider the purpose of the lights, such as whether they are for security, safety, or enhancing the beauty of the garden. Also, think about the types of lights that would suit your garden’s style and size. Wired lighting systems are more reliable and suitable for extensive setups but require professional installation. Solar lights, while not as bright, offer easier and more flexible installation and are energy-efficient. Budget, ongoing maintenance, and the overall impact on your garden’s aesthetic are also important factors.

Is it worth investing in custom builds like gazebos and sheds in my garden?

Investing in custom builds like gazebos and sheds can significantly enhance your garden’s functionality and overall appeal. These structures provide practical benefits, such as additional storage space or a sheltered area for relaxation and entertainment. They also increase property value by improving the landscape’s attractiveness and usability. Consider your garden’s size, your functional needs, and how much you’re willing to invest. Custom builds can be tailored to fit your specific requirements and can be designed to complement your home’s existing architecture, making them a worthwhile investment for many homeowners.

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