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Are you looking for garden design in Lincolnshire?

We offer all our customers a complete garden design and installation service. We will first meet with you to discuss your ideas and budget.

All our designers offer creative and practical solutions and will provide full detailed plans and amazing 3D visuals to help you envision what the final project will look like when installed on your property.

Our designers work closely with our landscape team throughout the design process, at the same time ensuring the design meets your requirements and budget.

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3D Landscape Design Service

At ALS Landscaping, we offer a 3D Landscape Design Service. It’s a standalone service that can be handed over for any other tradespeople to follow, ensuring that construction matches your expectations. Whether you're looking for a full garden design with porcelain paving or adding a driveway to your house, 3D planning can be really beneficial.

We’ll produce up to 8 full 3D images for you. Everyone involved can agree on the finished products, heights, levels and style. Our 3D Landscape Design Service can save you time, money and misunderstanding with your chosen contractor, meaning that your project should run smoothly throughout.

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Our Garden Design Process

Initial design consultation

We’ll visit you to discuss your vision for your garden. During our chat, we’ll get to know you, and understand your aspirations and budget. We’ll bring our portfolio of previous projects, so you can get some ideas to enhance the look of your garden.

Site survey

When you choose us for garden design services, we will perform a site survey and gather all the information required to create your garden design. We also take a note of the surrounding area and any impact that may have on your garden.

Second site survey

Sometimes during the design process, we need a second site visit to confirm or discount a theory. In some cases, we might need to take extra measurements.



Once a concept has been agreed, the designer will then create the final design. This plan will show all the details of your garden including both soft and hard landscaping and will include recommendations for hard landscaping materials and any agreed features. Our plans are computer drawn and to scale. It can take up to 4 weeks to create your design.

Plan presentation

The plan will be presented by to you on site, so we can then talk you through the plan and answer any queries that you may have. Any minor alterations that may be required can be agreed and emailed back to you.


Once the design and materials have been finalised we will give you an accurate quotation for ALS Landscaping to carry out the works and a timetable of works.

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