Garden Design Video for Project in Tattershall

Garden Design Video for Project in Tattershall

December 18, 2023

Garden Design Video Transcript

Welcome, Addam here from ALS Landscaping over in Lincoln. Today I’m going to talk to you about a video design that we put together for a job in Tattershall out near Coningsby in Lincolnshire.

This particular job and project was completed in late 2023, so this year and it was a fantastic project to be on, I really enjoyed this one.

I’m just going to show you the initial video and talk through a little about the design itself. And then on the next video I’m going to go through the before and after shots and talk through the construction as well, and the process that we do for our design, manage, and build projects.

Porcelain Paving, Composite Decking

So this was a mixture of porcelain paths and raised planters. Standard paving, i. e. concrete paving, composite decking and block paving. Some of this design has actually changed as you’ll see in the next video, but the basic bones and the layout of the design are as what you see in this video. The hot tub was installed while we were there and we added the cedar cladding.

Entertaining Area with Porcelain Slabs

This area we didn’t construct. So this was taken out of the actual design here, and we left that main tree and we took out the pergola as well here. Although we did install the entertaining area in porcelain.

So as you can see it gives you a very, very good aspect of how you can see your garden before it’s even constructed.

Garden Lighting

So when you see the before photos that you’re going to see on the next video you’ll understand what I’m saying. We also installed lighting in this particular project and it really does set the job off. We have some under light plinth lighting for the composite deck in there and it really did make it.


This was the original shed that stayed in situ. Again, we didn’t construct this area of the garden. That was laid to turf, to arena turf. But we did have some bollard lighting along the front here.

Finished Design

All in all, it was a great project. Logistically, it was quite hard. It was a bit further away than we normally go. It was a good 45 minutes away travel time, so getting everyone organised and teams organised was a little bit more challenging. But we did it within the time frame that we set and the client was absolutely over the moon.

Both the client and all the family are now going to have a fantastic 2024 summer in their new garden. I’ll catch you on the next video where I show you the before and after.

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