Transforming Your Space: How Professional Garden Makeovers Can Help

Transforming Your Space: How Professional Garden Makeovers Can Help

February 1, 2024

Thinking about changing up your garden? This blog looks at why it’s a great idea to get professionals like us, ALS Landscaping in Lincoln, to do it for you. We’ll show you how we can make your garden look amazing and even add value to your home.

Making Your Home Worth More

One big plus of getting your garden done up by experts is that it can make your house worth more. Estate agents say that a nice garden can really push up your home’s selling price. In fact, a well-done garden can boost your home’s value by a large amount. According to Isola Garden Design when done right, you could increase the value by a whopping 77%! Ready to find out more? Get in touch with us today.

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Professional landscapers are great at figuring out the best way to use your garden space. They think about things like how much sun the garden gets and what you want to use it for. Whether you’ve got a big or small garden, they can turn it into a place for relaxing, growing your own veggies, or a play area for kids. And with our 3D Landscape Design service you can even see what your garden will look like before we get started.

At ALS Landscaping in Lincoln, we work with our customers to find out what you want, what your budget is, and when you’d like us to start before making any suggestions. If you’re looking for inspiration of what’s possible, check out our Projects page.

Looking Good and Helping Nature

A professionally done garden doesn’t just look good – it’s great for the environment too. It helps clean the air and keep the area cool. Plus, it’s a home for local wildlife. So, you get a beautiful garden that’s also good for nature.

For more tips on how to attract mother nature into your world, take a look at our Wildlife Wonders blog.

Real-Life Examples

We know it’s hard to get your head around ‘how’ we can achieve such amazing transformations, which is why we’ve produced a couple of videos to explain the whole process with images showing the before, during and after, as well as the designs we produced for a project we completed recently in Tattershall.

You’ll see the property had an extension on the kitchen with bifold doors and it already had an existing patio. The homeowners wanted the shed to stay, but the rest of the garden was pretty lacklustre.

On this project our customer already had a gym, which meant there were electrics for the lighting plan.

As well as the full landscaping we also created a planting plan and installed all of the planting in the garden. A new turf lawn was also lain complete with a block edging.

Easy to Look After and Good for the Planet

Expert landscapers know how to make a garden that’s easy to take care of and good for the planet. We use plants that naturally do well in your area, materials that are good for the earth, and designs that don’t waste water.

To see what’s ‘hot’ for 2024, read our 2024 Gardening Trends in Lincolnshire blog.


To sum up, getting your landscaping done by professionals is a great idea. It can make your house worth more, give you a lovely space to enjoy, and it’s good for the environment. If you’re thinking about changing your garden, why not let the experts help?


How often should I redo my garden?

About every 5-7 years is good, but it depends on how you feel about your current garden.

Can I have a nice garden even if I don’t have much money?

Yes, garden experts can work with whatever budget you have.

Do I need to have a clear idea of what I want before I hire a landscaper?

No, you don’t need to have everything figured out. Professional landscapers are great at offering advice and ideas. They can help you figure out what will work best in your garden, taking into account things like the size of your space, the kind of soil you have, and how much time you can spend on garden maintenance. It’s okay to start with just a general idea or even no idea – they’ll guide you through the process.

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