2024 Gardening Trends in Lincolnshire: Top Tips from ALS Landscaping

2024 Gardening Trends in Lincolnshire: Top Tips from ALS Landscaping

January 5, 2024

Welcome to our first blog of 2024 – a fresh year full of new gardening ideas and fun trends to try out in your own patch. Whether you’re pretty nifty with a trowel or just starting to get your hands dirty, we’ve got some cracking tips and trends to share. We’re talking about everything from easy-peasy sustainable gardening to some cool tech that can give your garden a bit of oomph. Grab a cuppa and let’s see what’s hot in gardens for 2024!

Sustainable Gardening Practices

Let’s kick things off with a bit of green thinking (forgive the pun!). 

Sustainable gardening is all the rage, and it’s easier than you might think. First up, composting – think of it like a free dinner for your plants. Chuck your veggie peelings and garden cuttings into a compost bin and watch them turn into gold (not literally, but your plants will love it).

Saving water is another biggie. Collecting rainwater in a barrel is easy – your plants prefer it to tap water anyway. And how about giving some local plants a go? They’re used to our Lincolnshire weather, so they’ll feel right at home in your garden. If you want to give food growing a go (think The Good Life) check out our ‘Grow Your Own Financial Relief’ blog.

These small changes make a big difference. You’ll be helping our planet and your garden will thank you for it.

If you want some more ideas, Good Housekeeping created what they consider to be the ‘best tips for greener gardening’ in their blog; some of which may surprise you.


Urban Gardening Solutions

Living in a more built-up area? No problem! Urban gardening’s where it’s at, and 2024’s got some great ideas to spruce up even the tiniest of spaces. Think vertical gardens – they’re perfect for adding a touch of green to balconies or walls. You can grow herbs, flowers, and even some veggies, all stacked up. It’s like a living, breathing piece of art! We like Growing Revolution’s PlantBox Living Wall System if you’re looking for a relatively ‘quick’ solution, or you can always DIY it.

Container gardening is another fab idea. Grab some pots or window boxes and get planting. It’s amazing what you can grow in a small space – from bright flowers to your own mini veg patch. And don’t forget about community gardens. They’re a brilliant way to get gardening, meet your neighbours, and even swap some gardening goss!

If you like the idea of raised beds, read ‘How can I use raised beds in my garden’; the  possibilities are almost endless.

So, even if you’ve only got a small space or a bit of concrete, there’s no reason you can’t join in the gardening fun. Get creative and make every little corner count! Or simply get in touch and let us make the magic happen for you.

Smart Gardening Technology

There’s no escaping it.  Gardening’s getting a techy twist in 2024, and we think it’s pretty cool. Smart irrigation systems are a game-changer. Imagine your garden watering itself – just the right amount and only when needed. It’s not only super convenient but also saves a load of water. If you’ve got a water meter; this one’s definitely for you!

And there’s more – apps that help you keep track of when to plant, prune, or harvest. It’s like having a gardening guru in your pocket! Plus, for the gadget lovers, there are even drones that can help monitor your garden’s health. Sounds a bit sci-fi, but it’s all about making gardening easier and more efficient.

Gardens Illustrated suggests 8 smart garden products to buy, from weatherproof TVs to weeding robots. This tech isn’t just fancy stuff; it’s about giving you more time to enjoy the fun parts of gardening. So, why not give it a whirl and see how it can help your garden grow?

Outdoor Living and Entertainment


2024 is all about making your garden a spot where you’ll love to hang out and have a bit of fun. It’s not just about plants; it’s about creating your own little haven right outside your back door. Think outdoor kitchens for those who love a bit of al fresco cooking – imagine flipping burgers in your own garden! Or how about a cosy fire pit where you can toast marshmallows and share stories?

Let’s talk garden furniture – gone are the days of those dodgy plastic chairs. We’re seeing loads of eco-friendly options that look great and last ages. Add in some funky cushions, maybe a hammock or two, and you’ve got yourself the perfect chill-out zone.

Don’t forget the tunes and lights. A few well-placed speakers and some twinkly lights can turn your garden into the best spot for a get-together. It’s all about making your garden a place where memories are made.

Need help visualising what your garden could  look like? Check out our 3D Landscape Design Service. It really is the ‘bees’ knees when it comes to avoiding expensive mistakes.

Gardening for Wellness and Mental Health

Last but not least, let’s talk about how gardening can be a real boost to your mental health. It’s not just about the pretty flowers and tasty veggies; getting your hands in the dirt can actually help you feel more chilled out and happy. There’s something about caring for plants that’s really grounding and therapeutic. We discuss more benefits in our Transformative Power of Landscaped Gardens blog.

Whether it’s a quiet corner where you can have a morning cuppa and listen to the birds, or a little veg patch that gives you a sense of achievement, your garden can be a real sanctuary. It’s a place to switch off from the hustle and bustle, breathe in some fresh air, and just be.



So, there you have it – 2024 is set to be a cracking year for gardening in Lincolnshire. Whether you’re all about the latest tech or just want a peaceful spot to relax, there’s something for everyone. Get out there and make your garden your happy place!

And if you need any help, Get in touch with us today.


What are the top sustainable gardening practices recommended for 2024?

Sustainable gardening is a key trend in 2024. Key practices include composting kitchen scraps and garden cuttings, which nourishes plants naturally. Collecting and using rainwater for irrigation is another important practice, as it is more beneficial for plants and conserves water. Additionally, planting local flora that is adapted to Lincolnshire’s climate helps ensure a thriving garden.

How can urban dwellers participate in the 2024 gardening trends?

Urban gardening is highly accessible in 2024, with several innovative solutions for limited spaces. Vertical gardens are ideal for adding greenery to small balconies or walls, allowing for the cultivation of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Container gardening is another great option, using pots or window boxes for a variety of plants. Community gardens also offer opportunities for urban residents to engage in gardening, socialise, and exchange tips. 

What are the latest smart gardening technologies for 2024? 

Gardening in 2024 embraces technology for efficiency and convenience. Smart irrigation systems that water plants automatically, adjusting for need and conserving water, are a highlight. Gardening apps provide timely advice on planting, pruning, and harvesting, akin to having a personal gardening advisor. Drones are also emerging as tools for monitoring garden health. 

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