Essential Tips for Planning Your Garden Landscape in Lincoln

Essential Tips for Planning Your Garden Landscape in Lincoln

July 19, 2023

Landscaping can transform any outdoor space into an oasis of calm, enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your garden. It can be an exciting adventure, but without proper planning, it could easily turn into a nightmare.

This blog will provide you with practical tips and advice for planning your garden landscape, specifically catering to homeowners in the United Kingdom.

Understanding Your Garden

It’s essential to understand your garden – its size, the kind of soil it has, the direction it faces, its access points, and the typical weather conditions. Each of these factors can significantly influence your landscaping decisions. The RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) has produced their pick of the best books on designing your garden, for those of you who love a good read.

Monty Don, a renowned horticulturist reminds us that “Gardening is a process, not a product.” Think of your garden as an ongoing project that will evolve and change with time in line with your changing circumstances and needs. Whilst you may be adamant that you know ‘exactly’ what you want your dream garden to look like now, bear in mind that this is likely to change in the future. Flexibility is key.

What Do You Want From Your Garden?

Next, outline what you want from your garden. Are you imagining an oasis of calm to relax in? Or are you keen on growing your own vegetables? Do you need a safe place for your children to play? Or are you trying to attract wildlife?

Figuring out what you want from your garden at this moment in time will guide your planning and design. Remember, if you want to ‘see’ what your garden will look like ALS Landscaping offers a 3D Garden Design service that takes away the guesswork.

Consider Professional Help

We’re often asked what the difference is between a gardener and a landscaper. As we’ve previously discussed, landscapers typically focus on transforming an outdoor space entirely, often working with blank canvases or complete renovations. Gardeners usually maintain gardens, focusing on nurturing plants and managing smaller changes.

Involving a professional landscaper can make the whole process smoother. ALS Landscaping in Lincoln, for instance, has years of experience transforming main road-facing gardens into oases of calm. If you’ve got a main road facing garden and are considering this route, check out our blog on “Transforming your Main Road facing garden into an oasis of calm: How ALS Landscaping in Lincoln can help” for more insights.

Sketch Your Plan

Whether you’re going solo or getting professional help, sketching your plan is really helpful. Even a rough sketch will help you visualise your garden and understand how different elements might work together. If you’ve decided to get the professionals in, it will help them to understand your vision and will also help in estimating costs, an important aspect we have covered in our blog, “Landscaping costs in the UK in 2023.”

If you’re thinking about ‘which’ professional to choose, we always recommend reading testimonials and reaching out to family and friends for personal referrals. At ALS Landscaping Lincoln, we also recommend using an approved installer for that extra peace of mind.

Choose the Right Plants

Dan Pearson, another British landscape designer, states “In your garden, the most powerful tool you have is your own desire.”

He highlights the importance of personal preferences in gardening. Choosing the right plants isn’t just about what looks good; it’s about what makes you happy and what fits in your garden’s conditions. Whether you want low maintenance plants, raised beds, or a lush lawn, align your choices with your garden’s conditions and your lifestyle. If you’re not sure where to start, ALS Landscaping Lincoln can help you with this, feel free to get in touch.

Think about Maintenance

Maintenance is often overlooked when planning a garden. But, as our previous blog “Do low maintenance gardens really exist?” explains, maintenance is a key part of the garden’s lifespan. Consider your availability and willingness to tend to the garden. If you’re short on time, you may want to design your garden with ease of maintenance in mind.


Landscaping can not only increase the value of your property, as we’ve discussed in our blog “Will landscaping my garden increase the value of my property?“, but also increase your quality of life by providing a beautiful, functional outdoor space. It may seem like a lot to take in, but remember, planning your garden landscape is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the process, learn from the changes, and enjoy your little piece of nature.

Our team of experienced landscapers is passionate about bringing you the garden of your dreams whatever that looks and feels like to you. With over twenty years of experience helping homeowners in Lincoln to transform their outdoor space, it’s fair to say we know a thing or two about what will and what won’t work in the Lincolnshire area.

Happy Gardening!

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