5 Reasons Why 3D Garden Design is a Great Idea!

5 Reasons Why 3D Garden Design is a Great Idea!

February 4, 2023

Are you thinking about giving your garden a makeover? One thing that’s worth considering is 3D garden design. At ALS Landscaping in Lincoln, we’re excited to be able to offer you this modern approach to garden design.

3D garden design offers several benefits that can make the planning and construction process a breeze. 3D garden designs are great for capturing the mood and atmosphere of your future outdoor space.

What is 3D Garden Design?

3D garden design uses technology to take a 2D, or flat design, and bring it to life. At ALS Landscaping we take your ideas and use realistic images from your vision to create a 3D image of what your garden will look like once it’s finished.

1.Increased Visual Appeal

One of the biggest advantages of 3D garden design is that it allows for a more realistic and detailed image of your dream garden. This means that you will get a better sense of how your garden will look before the installation even begins. And when it comes to gardens that have multiple levels, it really does helps to be able to see the design from different angles.

You’ll be able to see, for example any raised planters, level changes or steps, and any garden structures etc. At ALS we include real materials in your design so that you can decide whether what you’ve chosen, will work. All images are provided in full colour and this helps to ensure you don’t have any obvious colour conflicts.

2.Improved Communication

3D garden design also makes it easier for the designer and client to communicate and understand the overall design concept. Because the design can be viewed in 3D, it’s much easier to see how different elements will work together and adjust any of the components before work begins.

We’ll add all our planting suggestions at the real height and width. Any trees and shrubs will cast shadows as different times throughout the day. The 3D garden design will help us to see where they’ll fall and whether we need to change the plan.

3.Improved Planning

Another great thing about 3D garden design is that it helps to show potential issues and allows for adjustments to be made before construction begins. This helps us to ensure that your garden is functional, beautiful, and easy to maintain.

With 2D designs there’s always an element of uncertainty as to what the project will look like once it’s complete. 3D garden design allows landscapers like us to overcome these issues by allowing you to see what your garden will look like from different angles, and even at different times of the day! We can see which parts of your garden get the most sunlight and this helps us to help you to choose the right planting that will thrive.

4.Enhanced Functionality

With 3D garden design, it’s possible to incorporate various functional elements such as pathways, seating areas, and water features into the overall design. This can help to make your garden more user-friendly and enjoyable. 3D garden design also helps us to work out where to add illumination to really show your dream garden off, even in the dark.

5.Cost Savings

Finally, 3D garden design allows better planning and communication, 3D garden design can help reduce the likelihood of costly mistakes or changes during the construction process.  According to a study by Imperial College London, 3D modeling can help to reduce design changes by up to 30%. 


Imagine being able to ‘sit’ in your garden and ‘see’ what it looks like before it’s installed. With 3D garden design by ALS Landscaping, you can!

3D garden design is a fantastic option for those looking to give their garden a makeover. It offers increased visual appeal, improved planning, enhanced functionality, and cost savings. So why not give it a try, and see the difference it can make to your garden?

If you’d like to see more examples of 3D garden design from ALS Landscaping, click any of the images above. Contact us today to see if 3D garden design is the right option for you. Our team is waiting for your call!


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